• Are you concerned about having enough money to retire on?

  • Are you concerned about your retirement savings running out?

  • Do you want to know how best to invest your money?

  • Are you worried about potential falls in the market?

  • Do you want to get sound advice from someone you can trust?

  • Are you worried about how your family would cope if something happened to you?


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What does Mike do when he meets his Sunshine Coast Financial Planning clients?

  • Firstly I want to really understand your situation and what you want to achieve
  • I want to educate you. Investments and superannuation seem complex – but they’re not!  There are only 4 types of investment – cash, bonds, property and shares, they’re not nearly as difficult to understand as most financial professionals make out
  • I will respect your assets, regardless of the amount involved. It’s your money.  You’ve worked hard for it.  I will respect it.
  • I want to solve your problems not sell you a product
  • I will monitor your progress towards your goals
  • I will keep in touch on a regular basis

Financial planning and retirement planning on the Sunshine Coast

What you need to know
Developing a financial plan consists of the following steps:
  1. Review of your current situation
  2. Establish goals
  3. Review of estate planning and personal insurances
  4. Provide recommendations in a structured financial plan
  5. Implementation of plan
  6. Ongoing evaluation and review of your plan
What you need to prepare
What you will get

Estate planning on the Sunshine Coast

What you need to know

Essentially estate planning is about what you would want to happen to your assets in the event of your death.  This becomes more complex due to second marriages, prior children etc. and therefore care needs to be taken to address these issues, including:

  • wills
  • who do you want your assets to pass to?
  • who will be the executor of your estate?
  • who will be the guardian if you have minor children?
  • do you want to provide protection for beneficiaries in the event of marriage breakdown, bankruptcy, or future marriage?
  • do you want to avoid potential challenges in the event of your death?
  • do you have a power of attorney if you should become incapacitated?
  • what assets are not included in your will?
What you need to prepare
What you will get

Insurance Broker, Sunshine Coast

What you need to know

Risk Management
Risk management is concerned with how much risk you are prepared to take versus how much risk you wish to transfer for a cost (premium) to an insurance company via personal insurances.
There are four types of personal insurances to address risk management:

Life insurance
Most people primarily wish to cover their debt. Other considerations include the level of income that would be provided to the surviving spouse, funeral expenses, and educational and other costs for dependents.

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)
This is a lump sum that is paid out in the event you are unable to ever work again.

Income Protection
Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income. Income protection is a monthly benefit, generally up to 75% of your pre-disability income. The premiums will vary greatly according to the waiting period before the insurance company pays out and the benefit period, e.g. there is clearly a larger liability for an insurance company if one policy is due to be paid out to age 70 versus a policy that will only be paid out for two years.

Trauma Insurance
Most people will survive cancers, strokes and heart attacks. Trauma insurance pays a lump sum on the diagnosis of a range of conditions, typically three dozen major critical illnesses.

Premiums for these insurances vary due to age, smoker status, health history and gender. Other considerations are whether to take a ‘stepped’ premium structure (policy increases every year with inflation/age) or a ‘level term’ premium structure (premiums are higher initially but will remain the same to a certain age).

Finally, the ownership structure is a major consideration. In most cases we can make the bulk of these insurances tax-deductible.


What you need to prepare
What you will get

Want to transfer your UK pension to NZ?

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