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Mike Beal Financial Planning

Financial Planning on the Sunshine Coast

What is it like to be a Sunshine Coast Financial Planning Client of Mike Beals?

  • Firstly I want to really understand your situation and what you want to achieve
  • I want to educate youInvestments and superannuation seem complex – but they’re not!  There are only 4 types of investment – cash, bonds, property and shares, they’re not nearly as difficult to understand as most financial professionals make out
  • I will respect your assets, regardless of the amount involved. It’s your money.  You’ve worked hard for it.
  • I want to solve your problems not sell you a product
  • I will monitor your progress towards your goals
  • I will keep in touch on a regular basis

Superannuation Advice & Planning

Superannuation offers the following advantages: 1. Low tax-rate environment prior to age 60 (max tax rate 15%) 2. Nil tax-rate environment after age 60 and 3. A wide range of investment options including cash, bonds, shares, and direct property via a Self Managed Super Fund. Mike can tailor the right superannuation plan for your needs.

Mike Beal Superannuation Planning and Sunshine Coast fee only financial planner
Mike Beal Sunshine coast financial planner Insurance Premium Savings

Sunshine Coast Fee only superannuation and investment advice - no commissions

Fee structures in superannuation can erode your nest egg. Through the use of exchange traded funds, index funds and a low overhead structure Mike can substantially reduce ongoing fees. Mike can also save you money on your insurance premiums with access to a range of insurers for life insurance, total and permanent disability, trauma insurance, and income protection insurance.

Why choose Mike Beal?

Obtaining information to make an informed decision is important however getting the right information is what can make the difference. Here’s why you should choose Mike

With over twenty years experience in the financial sector working with two of the four major banks Mike has the knowledge and expertise to customise a plan to your unique needs.

Because Mike works independently you aren’t just a number to him + Mike has access to technical, risk and investment research professionals who provide additional analysis on strategies.

Due to lower overheads than larger corporates Mike has the ability to reduce your fee structure and provide you with peace of mind with the security of the Charter Financial Planning network.

The Services Mike Provides

Each plan that Mike creates is unique and customized to the individual clients situation but here are an example of what could be included to give you an indication of Mike’s capabilities and knowledge.

Sunshine Coast Superannuation Advice

How to reduce your fees and maximise the returns from your super fund

Self Managed Super Funds to purchase property, Sunshine Coast

Is this the right super vehicle for you?

Minimise Tax

Often the number one expense people have is taxation – reduce your tax and increase your wealth

Sunshine Coast Insurance Broker

Mike acts as a broker to get you the best possible rate on your insurances

Sunshine Coast Retirement Planning

How much more do you need to save to achieve your goals?


* Please note: Due to increased compliance and regulatory costs our minimum investment is now $300,000

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