Benefits of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

Benefits Of The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

Benefits of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card(CSHC), eligibility for a CSHC and how do I apply for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

What are the benefits of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (CSHC)?

  • Prescription discounts, paying only $7.30 for a chemist prescription compared to at least $30
  • Discounts on electricity and gas bills. Cardholders can apply for Seniors Energy Rebate to help cover electricity costs for up to $200 a year. Gas rebates are also available.
  • Free or lower rates on healthcare expenses such as ambulance, eye check-ups and dental care.
  • Discounts on water and property rates.
  • Discount on transport fares.
  • Discounts on recreational activities. These can include gift shops, parks and movies.

Am I eligible for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

To be eligible for the CSHC, you must also meet an income test. This test takes into account your taxable income, reportable fringe benefits and reportable employer superannuation contributions. If your income is below the relevant income limit, you will be eligible for the CSHC.

The CSHC, one of the principal concession cards allowing those eligible to access healthcare and other benefits, saw the income limits increased significantly from $57,761 to $90,000 a year for singles and from $92,416 a year to $144,000 a year for a couple’s combined income.

The income limit for the CSHC changes each financial year. You can find out what the current income limit is by contacting the DHS or by checking their website.

You may also be eligible for the CSHC if you are an Australian resident and over Age Pension age, but not receiving a pension or benefit from Centrelink or the DHS. In this case, you will need to meet the income test and the assets test. The assets test takes into account the value of your assets, including your home, investments and financial assets.

If you are eligible for the CSHC, it will give you access to a range of discounts and benefits, including discounts on medications, hearing services and optical services. It will also entitle you to a higher rate of the Medicare Levy Surcharge exemption and the Private Health Insurance Rebate.

How do I apply for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card?

To apply for a CSHC you must be:

  • Age Pension age or over
  • An Australian resident and living in Australia
  • Not getting a payment or service from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)
  • Not getting a pension or benefit from Centrelink or the Department of Human Services (DHS)

To apply, you will need to complete an application form and provide evidence of your age, identity and residence. You can get an application form online or from a DHS Service Centre.

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