Your Health and your Wealth

Your Health And Your Wealth

“Get Rich or Die Tryin!” So says rapper 50 Cent.  Well, turns out he could have lost the tryin part.  it’s ‘Get Rich or Die’.

Because it turns out that death and wealth are inextricably linked.  Intuitively most people know this.  A person living a hard life with manual labour, having more stress, less money, is more likely to die earlier than a person in a sedentary occupation, with less stress (due to less money issues perhaps?).  A wealthier person can afford better food, fresher fruit and vegetables.  Ironically the poor are more likely to be addicted to smoking (at $35 per pack!), more likely to drink more, eat lower quality food, have less exercise.  This results in a different level of chronological age versus biological age.

A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found that a male aged 40 in the bottom 1% of income earners has an expected death at age 72.7 years.  Yet the top 1% of male income earners aged 40 could expect to live to age 87.3.  A difference of 15 years!

This chart illustrates this theory:

Mike Beal Chart

Now, remember, all you really have to do create wealth is the following:

Mike Beal